About Us

newhome1Sarana Amanah Integrasi has established by the experienced Professionals in 2010, aiming to be a Professional Company, meet the terms of International Standarization dicipline and morale in the front of the business and value deliver to the stakeholders.

Sarana Amanah Integrasi is managing with the Professionals as its expertice to achieve the Company’s goals to be reputable company. Have “ Always step Forward” as a Company’s slogan as a Company’s member essence so we believe that Sarana Amanah Integrasi will become reputable and big company in the future.


Untitled-1Permeating of the slogan and essences, Sarana Amanah Integrasi is running business as the agent of generator set and pump industry also deliver a valuables services or product and develop mutual relationship to all Company in the world.
Sarana Amanah Integrasi is a member team has accomplished various projects in Indonesia and today Sarana Amanah Integrasi  is ready to become one of the major suppliers on generator set and pumps business.

Sarana Amanah Integrasi with new management team now engaging in new concept innovated solutions for almost all business sectors in addition to the construction, manufacturing and fabrication areas of expertise.

Sarana Amanah Integrasi has unique way of doing business allows it to provide a tailor-made, innovated and one-stop project solution which is specifically supplies to each client’s needs.
In delivering works and services, Sarana Amanah Integrasi always carefully attends to the relevant Environmental matters to ensure that all projects and their auxiliary equipments meet internationally recognized standards of Environment, Health and Safety.

Sarana Amanah Integrasi has a Agency Certificate of AOSIF Power Generator. Click the button below for AOSIF Profile.